About Me

I was born in South Africa, and from an early age the African bush was my place of solace. And while an affinity for numbers led me to a career in the world of insurance, my passion for nature, wildlife and art remains at my core. My camera gives me an excuse to escape the corporate world every so often, and visit the remote places of Earth while they’re still wild.

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  • Heaven 1

    Every time I look at it this photo reminds me of one of the best holidays of my life. Obviously, I put it up somewhere I can look at it the whole time. – Kerry L.

  • Sustenance 4

    I didn’t know that I liked B&W until I saw this series. Now it’s all we have on our walls! The mist on the dunes is just stunning and gives of a real ethereal vibe that takes my breath away! – Sam R.

  • Arctic

    Having never been to the Arctic, putting this up in my living room is the next best thing I can do. The scene is so beautiful, and hopefully I can go and see it myself before it’s too late… - Jenny T.

100% Carbon Neutral Artwork

All prints are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, which contains 90% bamboo fibres and only 10% cotton, making it an environmentally friendly choice for photographic prints